Need A Bit of Spice In Your Life?

by HEAB on December 1, 2009

First off, the winner of the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Scale is Run To The Finish. Congrats! Please email me with your address.

Since I made Mole Chocolate Pancakes on Saturday, I decided to skip the pancakes on Sunday for something a bit more savory. I knew I wanted eggs. So, I threw some leftover chopped veggies in a skillet with some shrimp and spices. I then added my eggs and decided on an omelet.


Mmm, an omelet topped with chipotle almond butter. That would be perfect…but then, I had a revelation of sorts. Instead of an omelet, I made a veggie shrimp scramble, and after a quick game of musical jars, behold the best savory breakfast ever….


Scrambled eggs with veggies and shrimp in the chipotle almond butter jar!!! This was quite delicious, and I decided that I needed to share the chipotle love with my HEABers. Thankfully, reader Carolyn was kind enough to send me her secret recipe so that I can now make my own chipotle almond butter. Who wants some? Leave a comment below, and I’ll pick one random winner to receive a jar made by me. :)

Happy December!