Who Wants Some Gum?

by HEAB on December 4, 2009

Winners of the NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway:

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Emily and Ozlen, please email me with your addresses and I’ll forward your info to the kind folks at NuNaturals (who by the way are very excited for their Rose Bowl bound Oregon Ducks!!!)

Let’s see, where were we…oh yes, the gums.

Smoothie Girl Deb changed my life forever when she sent me xanthan and guar gums this past summer. Thanks again Deb! And now, I would like to change your life by sending some to you. In honor of HEAB’s 1st Birthday, Bob’s Red Mill has agreed to send a bag of each to one lucky HEABer. Thanks Bob!

What are the gums? They are all natural thickeners, and trust me, once you go gums, you’ll never go back.

Rather than add more oil to your next homemade salad dressing, try adding a 1/4 tsp of guar gum to thicken the mix. Better yet, just skip your dressing recipe altogether and make this one instead. Then shoot me an email expressing your love for me. :)


Mmm, Lemisoni dressing with roasted tempeh, avocado, and walnuts on a bed of spinach. My idea of a perfect salad! Then for dessert, make this…


Protein ice-cream topped with kabocha custard. I make the ice-cream in my Vita-Mix, and the gums are what make it thick. No ice-cream maker required. I also used xanthan gum in my custard. Again, LOVE THE GUMS and use them everyday.

I am no gum expert. If you have questions, please read Smoothie Girl Deb’s post on why she uses xanthan and guar gums. Deb is my gums guru. :) Allie over at Pimp My Protein Shake is also a fan of the gums. Please check out these ladies’ awesome blogs for some great smoothie ideas and recipes. You guys think I make some crazy things in my Vita-Mix? Well, I’ve got nothing on these girls. Trust me, nothing!

To win your own bags of xanthan and guar gums please leave a comment below telling me your favorite way to pimp your shake. :)

P.S. CD and I will be in Memphis through tomorrow night, and I’ll have limited computer access. So, if you have any questions, you may not hear from me until Sunday. Have a good weekend my friends!