But You Have Such A Pretty Face…

by HEAB on December 9, 2009

Don’t ever tell an overweight person that. It’s one of the worst things you can say…along with, I’m telling you this because I’m worried about you OR I’m only saying this out of love

I had to shop for my jeans at Lane Bryant. I couldn’t run a mile in gym class to save my life. Trust me, I knew I was fat. Melanie recently emailed me asking me about my decision to lose weight. What exactly caused the shift in my dietary and exercise habits?

Well, it wasn’t the time my pediatrician tried to put me on a liquid diet at the age of 11. Please don’t tell an 11 year old that she must drink chocolate medical shakes for every meal. Yeah, that one went over really well in the elementary school cafeteria, let me tell ya. Nor was it the time my high-school biology teacher had me stay after school only to sit me down with two other teachers and confront me about my weight. I remember going home that night completely devastated. I was so embarrassed that I refused to go back to school for two days.

How do you help a person who needs to lose weight? You love them. You lead by example. You ask them to go on a walk. You never criticize the way they eat, but maybe you offer to cook a healthy dinner for the two of you to enjoy together. Never judge, and never force your life upon anyone. Others will see how a clean diet and healthy lifestyle has transformed your own life. Maybe they’ll just observe you from afar, or perhaps they will ask for your help when they are ready.

That’s the key. They have to be ready and willing to do this for THEMSELVES, no one else. Apparently, I was never truly ready to lose the excess weight I had carried around all my life until I reached my early 20’s. It was then that something just clicked. It was time to lose the weight for ME. I was tired of being the happy fat girl. I wanted to eat better. I wanted to go hiking with my friends. Heck, I just wanted to be able to cross my legs. I was ready. The weight came off, and I never looked back. I WON’T ever look back.

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Well goodness, I can’t leave you guys without any photos, now can I? How about some Christmas ornaments sent to me by my very clever and hysterical reader Carolyn…


Yes, those are photos of a kabocha squash and an almond framed in ornaments. Genius! Love you Carolyn. :)