Calling All Messy Cooks

by HEAB on December 17, 2009

Did you guys hear that yesterday was National Chocolate Covered Anything Day? I didn’t find out until late last night. Guess I picked the right day to make this…


I finally got around to trying Averie’s Peanut Butter Cups, and they were so easy! Thanks for the recipe Averie. Since I’m not a fan of the microwave, I simply melted one square of unsweetened Baker’s chocolate (I love the super dark stuff!) in a glass cup placed in a pot of boiling water and used Trader Joe’s unsalted crunchy peanut butter for the filling. Thank goodness I only made one as I could have easily polished off 5 of those things!

The chocolate covered celebration continued with my breakfast this morning. Still rockin the Vita-Mix soup with a hot chocolate version served with chocolate pancakes for dippin…


I blended 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk with 3/4 avocado, 1 TBSP cocoa powder, and stevia in my Vita-Mix until warm. The pancakes were my coconut flour recipe using chocolate Jay Robb rice protein powder, and 1 TBSP cocoa powder plus some stevia added to the batter. Delish!

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I am messy. I spill everything, and you better believe I had chocolate all over my kitchen after making breakfast this morning. However, I didn’t get any on myself thanks to my new apron….


Nice, huh? Would you like a perverse POM apron of your own? Well, I have 5 to give away. To enter, you must leave a comment below with a possible caption to go along with the picture above. CD gets to judge and will pick his 5 favorite captions to win an apron along with a bottle of POM juice. Let’s try and keep it relatively clean, OK? Our parents read my blog. 😉