Pancake Week Comes To An End + Apron Winners

by HEAB on December 20, 2009

How about a recap?

It all began with last Sunday’s chocolate pancakes and ice-cream.


Next up were blueberry and yogurt topped coconut flour pancakes.


Then there was my plate of carrot cake.


I finally made some Vita-Mix soup with savory pancakes.


The next day, I decided I needed something sweet and made chocolate coconut flour pancakes with hot chocolate soup.


The holiday spirit hit, and Friday morning, I whipped up a huge batch of Christmas cakes.


The holiday tradition continued with Einstein’s Hanukkah pancakes.


Today was my last day of pancakes…well maybe, we’ll see. You never know when the craving for pancakes will hit. 😉


My mom makes the most amazing homemade chocolate covered cherries every Christmas, and this morning’s breakfast was inspired by her. I made my protein pancakes, blending 1/2 cup cherries into the batter and topped them with 1/2 square Bakers unsweetened chocolate, maple syrup and a few more cherries. The chocolate melted and tasted so good all mixed up with the cherries and maple syrup. Thanks for the idea Mom! :)


Many of you wrote me with your pancake recipes this week, and as far as the rest of my pancakeless readers go…what are you waiting for? I challenge all of you to make your family some pancakes sometime during the holidays. They’re just so fun to eat, and besides, who doesn’t love pancakes?

CD picked his top 5 favorite captions from my POM Apron Giveaway. All winners, please email me your addresses, and your aprons and POM juice will be on their way.

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Happy Pancake Sunday my friends!!!