The Loves of My Life

by HEAB on December 30, 2009

Reason 547 Why I Love My In-Laws: They think nothing of me eating the following for dinner…


The remainder of our roasted Santa pureed with a little water, BEST CINNAMON EVER, and vanilla Jay Robb rice protein powder in not one, but two jars smeared with Deb’s OMG OMG OMG nut butter.

Why I love Beeks: One word – granola ! Mark my words folks, the girl is going to be famous one day. :)


Yesterday’s lunch: Chocolate protein pancakes made with 2 TBSP oat bran and topped with Beek’s granola, Deb’s Holy Mole nut butter, and prickly pear jam.

Why I love Deb & Derek (her Luvie): After 3 days of battling the Swine Flu and living on crackers, CD was once again hungry for veggies and bacon. My hubby is back, and thanks to Deb and Derek’s generous gift of British bacon, CD was a very happy boy. :)


Why I love April from Foods of April: Instead of birthday cake on her birthday (December 25), she made protein ice-cream in the peanut butter jar.


How cute is she?


Now, that’s my kind of cake! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY APRIL!

OK, off to finish packing, hoping to squeeze in a Dave Farmar yoga podcast (inspired by Beek’s very cool yoga video) and then it’s off to the airport to catch our flight home to Nashville.

Later Gators!