My Throat Isn't The Only Thing That's Sore

by HEAB on January 5, 2010

My armpits are so freaking sore from all those push-ups yesterday, and my booty is cursing me. I think it was the burpees. :)

Today’s workout will consist of 45 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike. I haven’t done it yet as I woke up feeling not so hot. My voice is gone, and I am definitely dealing with a head cold. It’s not in my chest, and so I think I’m fine to exercise. I’m just waiting until later, hoping I’ll feel more energetic, and I probably won’t push myself too hard. We shall see.

Many of you requested a glimpse into my eating this month. Since I’m working with an online personal trainer and doing more strength training, I thought it would be a good idea to continue eating a higher protein diet. I started cutting back on my grain consumption over 2 months ago, hoping it would help with some hormone imbalances I was having. You can read about it here. From what I can tell, it didn’t help with the hormone stuff, but I do feel better overall. I didn’t lose any weight or anything as that was not the plan, (However, I won’t lie. Wouldn’t been too sad about dropping a pound or two.) but I do feel more energetic and not so carb heavy. Sometimes after a big bowl of oats, I just feel so lethargic and bloated. In fact, yesterday’s carb laden breakfast was the first in a while, and I’d do again in a heartbeat. So good! Again, I’m not doing no carb, I’m just trying not to eat oat bran for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…which I’ve been known to do. Anyway, back to this month, I might try doing the smaller meals with protein throughout the day. I’m usually a 3 meal-a-day kind of gal, but I love experimenting with my eats. Maybe I’ll blog a whole day of food once a week or something. Not sure what the plan is. What would you like to see? How about we start with yesterday’s lunch? :)

I met up with 2 of my favorite girls for some veggie eats at The Wild Cow, a new vegetarian restaurant in Nashville. Veggie options are slim pickins around here, and I was so excited to finally try this place!

Me, Tonya, and Rayna. Scarf from Deb, check!


For my meal, I ordered the Hummus Plate with a side of tempeh. Any restaurant that serves tempeh as a side item receives the HEAB stamp of approval.


T’was tasty. The only thing I would change is the celery. I’m just not a fan, and would much rather have some steamed or roasted veggies instead…or just more chips. :) Thanks to The Wild Cow for opening in Nashville! I hope to visit often.

In other news…

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The reward requires me to list 10 things that make me happy. So, I’ll leave you with my list…

1) When CD calls me “Heather Pie”

2) God’s grace

3) The look on my pups’ faces when I walk through the door

4) A yoga class with Jessalynn, my favorite teacher at my favorite studio

5) Sunshine

6) The fact that Lost will be back on TV next month

7) A good book, the kind that you never want to put down, and you’re sad when you finish it

8) Pedicures*

9) Jeans that don’t show too much crack

10) Pancakes :)

*Ha, ha, just noticed that when you type the number 8 followed by a closed parenthesis, it turns into a smiley with sunglasses. Awesome. 8)