Feeding The Cold

by HEAB on January 7, 2010

Yuck, still feeling horrible. I have no voice, and I think I will stay in my PJ’s all day. I could not sit still yesterday and ended up cleaning our entire upstairs, or Heather Eats Almond Butter Headquarters as CD likes to call it since my computer is up there. I then stripped all the bedding and did the laundry in an attempt to de-germify. I told you I’m just not good at being sick. During my marathon cleaning session, Leroy the mailman stopped by. I’m beginning to wonder if he thinks I’m up to no good as he is constantly knocking on our door to deliver little packages. Hehe. :)

Look what he brought me yesterday…


An amazing birthday package from The Fitnessista including her raw Chili Cheese Crackers and Bloomin Onion Bread, a yoga shirt (wearing it right now), and a jar of raw almond butter. Gina, what an amazing box of goodies. Thank you so much! I also received a very thoughtful box of some of my favorite Scharffen Berger chocolate from Marla. She sent me the super dark stuff. You know I love it Marla. Thanks!

Soon after opening all my goodies, I heard another knock on the door. It was Mr. UPS man bringing me tidings of great joy…


Chocolate Covered Katie made me the cutest birthday card I’ve ever received. It’s a girl holding a jar of almond butter. I love it Katie! She also sent me coconut love in a jar. Oh my gosh, I am so excited as I cannot get Artisana nut butters in Nashville. Please check out her homemade cards here. 100% of the profits from her cards AND her blog go to charity. Speaking of Katie

Did you guys know it’s Vegan Thursday? Well, it is, and I decided to celebrate with breakfast…


I used this photo to test out Snagit for Beta, a new photo capturing software for Macs. So fun. Anyway, for breakfast, I had a Five Star Foodie Artichoke Burger and a bowl of kabocha soup (1/2 roasted kabocha, 1 cup water, stevia, and cinnamon blended in Vita-Mix until warm) topped with coconut butter. Just what the doctor ordered!

Before I crawl back into bed, two things:

1) Remember Emily, the brilliant creator of PBU? Well, she has been staying very busy up at The Rhode Island School of Design. She’s currently taking a class in T-shirt design and is hoping to develop a line of healthy eating tees and eco-shopping bags. It’s still in concept stages, but she’d love to hear what you guys would like to see on a T-shirt. If she uses your slogan, you will receive a free shirt. So, put your thinking caps on and help a girl out. Emily submitted her own slogan, I always eat my broccoli, to Threadless, and if it gets enough votes, it will be printed, and everyone can buy one. So, while you’re thinking of your own slogan, please click here and vote for Emily’s. Thanks!

2) My good friend Maggie awarded me with a Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks Maggie! Every winner of the award is supposed to list 7 random facts about themselves. If you’re interested in reading mine, please click here. :)

CD, I know you’re reading this. Gina’s raw crackers and bread are in the fridge. The coconut butters are in my blogger stash cabinet, and as far as the chocolate goes…Good luck trying to find it. Hehe. 😉