Veggie Addict

by HEAB on January 9, 2010

I’m feeling so much better, almost 100%. In fact, all that remains of this week’s nasty cold is a hacking cough. Lovely. :)

After working on an early morning client, I did my first workout from Lindsey in 4 days. My body was so happy to be up and moving again. My workout consisted of a 5 minute warm-up on the stationary bike followed by a few supersets using dumbbells and a balance ball. Leg curls on the balance ball are not easy! To cool down, I took Einstein on a 30 minute walk in the snow. Exercise, I missed you. I truly did!

How many of you out there eat an obscene amount of vegetables? I hear about those people that won’t touch a vegetable, and my brain can’t even fathom it…a veggie-less life?!? Honestly, if at least one meal a day (if not more) isn’t 90% green, I feel gross. This girl needs her greens!

Some of my green meals as of late…


Spinach salad with baked tilapia, hummus dressing, and Gina’s raw chili cheese crackers.

Last night’s dinner…


A humongous bowl of roasted kale, but wait, that’s not all…


Hidden underneath the kale was spiralized zucchini squash, steamed Brussels sprouts, and roasted tempeh.

CD and I tore our way through 10 pounds of Brussels sprouts last week…TEN. I sometimes wonder if our skin will turn green.

Football is going to be on in our house all day…which means I’ll be curled up next to my hubby with a good book. I’ll leave you with this comic sent to me by Rachel. So cute. :)

Picture 1.png

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