I Go Crazy For Fats

by HEAB on January 13, 2010

Yesterday, I met up with Justine and her Little One after not seeing her in what felt like many many moons. Justine, I missed you!


We dined at Chipotle where I consumed enough guacamole to feed a small army…


Ha ha, it almost covered my entire plate of chicken and fajita veggies, hold the beans and rice please.

Then there were many of these shared with Little One


Muchas gracias for my birthday lunch J! T’was yummy as was the kombucha tea you brought me. :)

I arrived home to find one of my favorite fat-filled foods on my doorstep…


After seeing that they made my list of favorite products for 2009, the kind folks at Nuttzo sent me more of their nut butter along with a fun tank top. It’s extra long, providing me with excellent crack coverage. :)

This morning, I went a little nuts with my Nuttzo


and used it to make the World’s Easiest Peanut Sauce


which I poured over some grilled chicken and 2 La Tortilla Factory tortillas. Close-up of the chunk factor…


Yeah! Looks like I’m not the only one enjoy eating my fats…

Look at cute Francesca, proudly displaying her homemade nut butter winnings from Deb’s Heab-versary Nut Butter Giveaway. Hope you are enjoying the goodness as much as I am Francesca! Deb is a nut butter making genius.


How about you? Enjoyed some fat yet today? :)