Coffee Blues

by HEAB on January 15, 2010

Sometimes coffee tastes like the most amazing thing in the world, and it’s the reason I get out of bed. Other times, like this morning for instance, it makes me feel icky. Weird. Does this ever happen to you?


So, y’all know I’ve been trying to do the higher protein thing, but I think maybe I OD’d on chicken breasts. After yesterday’s breakfast, all I wanted was carbs and fats.

Look Katie, I celebrated Vegan Thursday with my lunch! Into my belly went a big bowl of roasted kale, hummus, crumbled tempeh (OK, so some protein snuck in there), and my last Five Star Foodie artichoke burger…sniff sniff. :(


My unpictured dinner was tons of steamed veggies covered in my peanut sauce made with tahini, and then after finishing it, I was still hungry and returned to an old standard…


This was probably my 5th bowl of oat bran in over 2 months. Nothing but oat bran, water, and cocoa powder topped with Artisana’s raw coconut butter. No sweetener added, and it was perfect. However, immediately after eating it, I could not keep my eyes open. Carbs = sleep.

Still wasn’t feeling the protein thing this morning and ate an avocado coconut butter quesadilla. Such a good combo!


Time to workout. On today’s agenda is hyperbolic resistance training. Let’s see, looks like it will involve some rounds of mountain climbers and such. Hmm, no burpees…that makes me kind of happy. 😉

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Before I go, I wanted to share this photo sent to me by HEAB reader Hope…

Picture 1.png

Her daughter requested oat bran with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips on her birthday…a girl after my own heart. Love it Hope!!! :)