Afternoon Carb Attack

by HEAB on January 21, 2010

After my Tabata Intervals, I was in a hurry to get ready for my 11 o’clock massage and had a Zenergize tablet with 24 ounces of water. I picked these up months ago after my hot yoga/dehydration mishap  and have them on occasion after a sweaty workout. Tabata Intervals = sweat.


After my massage, I raced over to Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch with my friend, Cherie.


Cherie and I met through a mutual friend and randomly ended up going to New York City together to run the NYC Marathon in 2003. We’ve been good friends ever since. Love you Cherie! :)

I always get the same thing whenever we go to Zoe’s, the Protein Power Plate, consisting of grilled chicken (so much for being sick of chicken. Hehe. Zoe’s has the best!), grilled onions, and Zoe’s slaw…which is made with feta, but I always try and eat around the big chunks.

Another not-so-pretty meal, but it was so yummy. I once bought a bottle of their marinade and tried to recreate this dish at home. Mine was not nearly as good.


This week has been a little slow in massage therapy world, and I have no clients scheduled for this afternoon. So, after lunch, I ran some errands, and now I’m at home doing laundry. My carb cravings finally hit around 3 PM, and they hit hard. So, I hit back with the following…


I have no idea how many calories/fat grams were in my lunch, but here are the totals for my snack. I use the Livestrong Daily Plate for online tracking:

Picture 3.png

I toasted two La Tortilla wraps in the toaster oven, and covered them in 1 TBSP tahini mixed with a splash of almond milk, stevia, and cinnamon. It’s like PBU made with tahini. So TBU???? Whatever it was, it was good! However, this set me off, and now I have carbs on the brain. I want some chocolate, but instead, I’m sipping on a mug of decaf with cream.

Until we meet again…