CD Spreads The Bacon Love

by HEAB on January 21, 2010

Tonight’s dinner…


I steamed some Brussels sprouts and added them to a stir-fry made with 1/4 an onion, a red bell pepper, mushrooms and 2 slices of bacon. I’m all out of tempeh bacon and had to raid CD’s bacon stash, but he was happy to share. CD’s dinner looked very similar to mine…just with the addition of 2 eggs and some bleu cheese crumbles. I almost titled this post I ♥ CD’s Pork, but then I remembered our parents read my blog…sorry mom.

Oh, and by the way, last time I photographed a meal in this bowl, Diana observed that it looked like an ashtray. For the record, those little dips in the bowl are for chopsticks, not cigarettes, and yes, I’m still working on my chopstick skills. 😉

Speaking of chopsticks, I wanted to share with you a very thoughtful care package I received from one of my favorite bloggers.


Sweet Maggie sent me some teff (I love using teff to make hot cereal, and I can’t find it here in Nashville), soap, tea, a pine scented sachet, and the most beautiful set of chopsticks. Thanks so much Maggie. I love everything!

Dessert time…


I had HEABified hot chocolate with a 1/2 of a Baker’s unsweetened chocolate square and then went back for the other half. :)

Numbers for dinner + dessert:

Picture 1.png

That’s it folks, another full day of eats. Hope you enjoyed. Almost time for The Office. See ya tomorrow!

Edited to Add: Oh my gosh, I just attacked our box of Trader Joe’s High Fiber cereal. I had about 2 servings with some almond milk. Just what I needed…a little sweet crunch. After The Office, I was hungry again, and I cannot sleep well if my belly is talking to me. I’m good now. Night my friends. :)