Squash Staying Power

by HEAB on January 22, 2010

Oh my gosh, I was full for 6 hours straight after all that roasted kabocha at lunch. CD and I ate dinner around 7 PM. He opted for veggies stir-fried with bacon, eggs, and Parmesan cheese, and I ate something I haven’t had in years…


A bowl of baby pooh. No, just kidding, it was canned soup. You guys know I haven’t had baby pooh in months. 😉 I finally tried Amy’s Split Pea soup. It’s been sitting in our cabinet for a few weeks, and tonight, I just wanted something warm and bready. So, I toasted two La Tortilla Factory tortillas and alternated between dipping them in the soup and the last of my Horseradish Hummus. As far as canned soups go, this was actually really good. The ingredients are not bad at all, and I loved that it was not too salty.

The nutritional info. for dinner including my chocolate dessert…

Picture 2.png

Following dinner, I ate 1/2 square of Bakers unsweetened chocolate and called it a night. The photo of the chocolate was so boring, and so in Conan fashion, I’d like to reminisce about a classic moment in HEAB history…

Remember the Raw Chocolate Cherry POM Pie I made for CD?


Gosh, that was good. Enjoy the rest of your Friday night my friends, and goodbye Conan. I hope you’re not gone long!!!