Classic Sunday Breakfast HEAB Style

by HEAB on January 24, 2010

First off, check out the search engine terms people used to find my blog the other day…the last one is my favorite. I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud.


Nice, huh? Hey piece of ass googler, if you’re out there, welcome to HEAB. I’m sure my blog is just what you had in mind. 😉

Edited to Add: Reader DouglasH found the Piece of Ass post. Hehe – thanks Douglas, I remember that one now.

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means…


Time for pancakes!!! I was not hungry at all when I woke up which is very usual. So, instead of making breakfast, I opted for coffee with cream while chatting with my friend Cherie over at the Frothy Monkey. However, when I arrived home around noon, I was ready for some food, like a lot of food. So, not only did I make coconut flour pancakes, but I whipped up a side of bacon and eggs as well.

I hate to admit this, but when I make protein pancakes, I usually throw the egg yolks away. So wasteful, I know, but today I did not waste. Instead, I threw 2 of them into the skillet (OK, so I wasted one) with a strip of bacon, spinach, half a red onion, and some sliced mushrooms. I topped my pancakes with ghee and maple syrup. The perfect Sunday morning lunch breakfast if you ask me!

What is your favorite weekend breakfast?