Blue Pancakes

by HEAB on January 27, 2010

Don’t forget the Online Bake Sale for Haiti today!!! Please click here to bid on my Maple Nut Oaties.


OK, so anyone who thinks yoga is not a good strength training workout, I would like to inform you that you are wrong. My triceps, biceps, glutes, and hamstrings are more sore from yesterday’s yoga class then they have been all month. Lindsey had me scheduled for weights today, but my muscles said Ha ha…um, No. So, I did her 45 minute HIIT workout on the stationary bike instead. It kicked my sore booty.


I had an old favorite for breakfast. :)


Reader Regina was so kind to send me some blue corn meal from Native Seeds/Search in Arizona, and I immediately thought pancakes. Above was my protein pancake recipe with 20 grams of the corn meal added to the batter. The toppings were the best part, because as we all know, pancakes are really just a vehicle for the toppings. Mine consisted of a big blob of grass fed butter and syrup. Thanks so much for the corn meal and other goodies Regina! I can’t wait to experiment.

Hey, did you guys know Ellen is a huge fan of the protein pancake? It was news to me. :)

Now, go bid, bid, bid.