Fat Is Our Friend

by HEAB on January 28, 2010

First off, look at the differences in my hands since I started upping my fat…

Photo 1: This was taken in December. In November, I cut way back on carbs and upped my protein. However, for the most part I was eating all lean proteins, i.e. grilled chicken and egg whites. My only source of fat was nut butter. My hands got so dry and my knuckles began to crack and bleed. By the way, I’m holding one of Pure2Raw’s delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Macaroons. Ha, I should have been eating more of those coconut filled goodies!


Photos 2 & 3: About 2 weeks ago, I gave up on the high protein thing and switched back to a diet higher in fat with moderate carbs and protein. Look at my hands as of yesterday…



Oh my gosh, so much better! Plus, my weight kept going up and up. I don’t want to get into exact numbers, but I haven’t seen my ideal weight on the scale since November. Honestly, I try not to weigh myself, but when I know I’m gaining, I can’t help wanting to monitor the numbers. Maybe some of it was muscle gain from all of my workouts with Lindsey. I don’t know, but yesterday, I was 3 pounds lighter than I was 2 weeks ago. My calories have remained about the same, usually about 1700 to 2000 a day, and the only difference is my fat intake. Instead of egg whites, I’ve been eating the eggs, instead of chicken breasts, I’ll eat bacon or grass fed finished beef. I’ve been using heavy whipping cream in my coffee and slapping butter or ghee on all my pancakes. All this to say, don’t fear the fat my friends. It is NOT your enemy. In fact, the only fats I avoid are trans fats found in packaged foods as well as most vegetable and seed oils due to their high Omega-6 content. That’s why I switched back to real butter, and it’s also the reason why CD and I use coconut oil for everything. So, no, I don’t think saturated fat is the enemy either.

Now, I’m still eating my carbs, mostly in squash form…


However, I still enjoy my oat bran, and sometimes late at night, there is nothing better than a bowl of cereal. However, I’m trying to eat more meals like my breakfast this morning…


And let’s not forget the coffee. Let me tell ya, you have not lived until you’ve had coffee with heavy whipping cream!


Now, I’ve been told by a certain someone that today is National Blueberry Pancake Day. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. Nothing wrong with pancakes at lunch! :)