January Workouts

by HEAB on February 1, 2010

Happy February 1 my friends!!!

Did everyone survive their Januarys? I’ll be honest, January is not my favorite month as it’s usually pretty cold and dreary here in Nashville, but once it’s over, it means we’re one month closer to spring. :)

As you all know, I gave up yoga for a month of at-home workouts from Lindsey, an online personal trainer. The month was a lot of fun, and I would highly recommend Lindsey. She was always prompt to answer my questions, was very encouraging, and for the most part, I really enjoyed her workouts.

The workouts consisted of hyperbolic resistance training 2 days a week, 2 days of high intensity interval training, which I did on a stationary bike, and one day of strength training with dumbbells. There was also about 5 minutes of ab work 3 days a week, and I had the option of adding on steady state cardio whenever I wanted.

What I liked:

1. The workouts were short and efficient. Why spend hours working out when you can get everything accomplished in 30 to 45 minutes?

2. I was reminded that time off is good. Lindsey recommended that we take the weekends off from any exercise. Back in my running days, I always took at least 2 days a week off, but since I started doing more yoga, I felt guilty if I didn’t do something everyday. Don’t ask me why. That’s just how my brain works. Well, I really enjoyed my weekends without worrying about when I would fit in some exercise, and I’m going to stick with at least 2 days a week off.

3. I loved not doing the same workout everyday. I need variety, or I get bored.

What I didn’t like:

1. I don’t like ab work, and I never worry about doing specific ab work with yoga because almost every pose will somehow work your core. I’ll be honest, I dreaded the ab specific workouts every time I had to do them.

2. I hate burpees, ’nuff said.

3. In the beginning of January I was really excited about my new workouts, but by the end of the month, all I wanted to do was go to a yoga class. So during the last week, I skipped both sessions of hyperbolic resistance training for some yoga.


I gained a pound or two the first two weeks, and as much as I’d like to think it was muscle gain, I honestly think it was due to all the excess protein I was eating. Since I switched back to a diet higher in fat with moderate protein and carbs, I’m down 4 pounds from my highest weight this month. I also lost a couple of inches. So, all in all, a good month, but for me, weight loss/maintenance always goes back to my diet.

Again, many thanks to Lindsey for working with me this month. It was a good experience.

To all my running friends out there, I wrote a guest post for Monica from Run Eat Repeat on the benefits of massage therapy. I don’t talk about my profession much on the blog, but it’s something I’m passionate about, and I had a lot of fun writing the post. Included is a picture of me running the New York City Marathon. See, told you I used to run…this is me about to kick some French man’s booty near the finish line…


Also to any of you who tried to order Jay Robb online yesterday,the promo code actually expired Saturday at midnight, but Jay has extended the offer for one more day. However, they are completely out of vanilla rice protein powder and hope to have some more by next week. So, we’re going to work together on a special deal when they are restocked. You can click here to order. The chocolate is really good too. 😉