Guess My Breakfast

by HEAB on February 4, 2010


Carrot ginger soup? Sweet potato bisque? Nope, guess again. I’ll give you a hint: It involved frozen kabocha. I even removed the skin before freezing so that my breakfast wouldn’t look like a bowl of baby pooh…you’re welcome. :)


Figured it out yet????

it was Mae’s squash cheesecake protein ice-cream. I just added more liquid and turned it into a smoothie. So good Mae, and I promise to try your chocolate version next time.

OK, so now we know what filled my bowl, but do you know what I used as my topping?


Smoothie Girl’s Almond Silk. Another winner from Deb!

Speaking of ice-cream, lately I’ve been loving on some avocado bowls of frozen goodness…


You can click here for the recipe, and while you’re at it, you can click here to check out my newly organized recipe page. I know the search engine on my blog is not very user-friendly. So, I’m going to try and be better about including any new recipes I come up with on my recipe page. Enjoy and thanks as always for your support. :)

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