Valentine's Day Pancakes

by HEAB on February 14, 2010

Happy February 14th my friends! Our annual Valentine’s Day tradition is to meet for lunch at Cafe Nonna, one of our favorite local restaurants here in Nashville. CD and I are total homebodies at night, and so for some reason, we started going out for lunch on Valentine’s Day instead of dinner. Every year, CD leaves his office a few minutes early and drives to Costco to buy me flowers before we meet. Hehe – it’s the only place that boy will buy flowers, and they are always so beautiful. In fact, our florist ordered all the flowers for our wedding from Costco. Lots of roses, sunflowers, and Gerbera daisies. They were perfect. :)


Anyway, back to today. We can’t go to our usual lunch spot since it’s closed for lunch on Sunday. So instead, we’re having dinner with my family tonight. How romantic, huh? 😉 We did exchange gifts. I got this bracelet…


Thanks CD, I love it, and I gave him some locally made chocolate bars.

So, our annual Valentine’s Day tradition is out, but my Pancake Sunday tradition is in! Some of you were probably expecting heart shaped pink pancakes or something, but come on you guys, has HEAB ever been that predictable? Nah.

I went with savory this morning and made artichoke pancakes based on this recipe. Get it? Hearts? Valentine’s Day??? Clever, no? 😉 I subbed almond flour and used seltzer water, and my toppings were Trader Joe’s full fat whipped cream cheese and Sabra’s spinach and artichoke hummus. Um, YUM!


I challenge all of you to shake things up with some savory pancakes as these were delicious!

So, how about you? How are you celebrating this day of love? As much as I love my husband, I have to admit that my favorite Valentine’s Day ever involved my best girlfriends, a bottle of peppermint schnapps, some ice-cream, a blender, one flight suit, and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies…don’t ask. To this day, I can’t even smell peppermint schnapps…honestly, even mouthwash kind of makes me want to puke. Fun times my friends…fun times. :)