Can't Do Cruciferous?

by HEAB on February 15, 2010

After posting numerous bows of veggie goodness like this…


readers kept asking me if I ever feel bloated after eating so many vegetables. For me, the answer is no. The only foods that tend to bloat my belly are some soy and dairy products. Pounds of Brussels sprouts and broccoli never bother me, and I literally do consume pounds of both on a regular basis…well, up until broccoli was banned in our house. CD couldn’t take the stank anymore, and I can’t say I blame him. Why does something that tastes so good smell so horrible? Makes me sad.

So, for those of you who are bothered by cruciferous veggies, I ate a few meals in your honor so you wouldn’t feel left out of the veggie fun. :)

How about this bowl?


Let’s see, that one contained 1/2 chopped onion sauteed with 1 strip of bacon, mushrooms, spinach, and 1 spiralized zucchini squash. Please click here if you’re in need of a good spiralizer. The sauce consisted of 2 TBSP tomato paste heated on the stove-top with 1 ounce of Trader Joe’s full fat whipped cream cheese and on top of that, a drizzle of tahini.

Next up we have…


mushrooms and spinach sauteed with bacon and then scrambled with 2 whole eggs and topped with full fat whipped cream cheese and pepper. CD and I buy spinach in bulk from Costco, and I throw handful after handful into my stir-fries until it’s all cooked down. So yummy and filling.

And here, we have Eggs In A Nest made with Swiss chard, sun dried tomatoes, onions and mushrooms…


See? It’s possible to make veggies the base of your meals without all the cruciferous bulk. All of these bowls pictured were delicious, flavorful, and quite satiating.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate vegetables?

P.S. Look who attended her first ever yoga class with me yesterday…


Justine and I flowed for 90 minutes at my favorite studio and we both left class so happy. Justine, how ya feeling today? :)