Keeping It Raw

by HEAB on February 23, 2010

I felt so good after my morning green smoothie yesterday, that I made another for lunch.


Oh, my gosh, this one was 10 x’s better than my breakfast smoothie because I added cinnamon, vanilla, and 1 TBSP maca powder and topped my bowl with raw macadamia nuts + more cinnamon. So good. To me, maca powder tastes kind of like burnt caramel and pairs perfectly with cinnamon. Yes, I like the taste of maca. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t eat it. As well as tasting delicious, maca powder offers some great health benefits for both men and women. To read more about said benefits, please click here. Oh my gosh, do you know what I love even more than my maca powder? Raw macadamia nuts!!! If only they weren’t so pricey. I bought a tee-tiny bag while restocking my nooch from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Is it considered stealing to eat straight from the bulk bins???? 😉

Along with my smoothie, I ate some steamed Brussels sprouts…


CD had a business dinner last night, and so guess what I made?


BROCCOLI, welcome home my long lost friend! I took Katie’s advice and roasted some frozen broccoli. Katie, CD couldn’t smell it when he got home…I LOVE YOU! So, I ate an entire bag of Trader Joe’s frozen broccoli roasted with 1/2 TBSP coconut oil, salt, and pepper. I roasted it in my cast iron skillet in a 425° for 35 or 40 minutes maybe? Along side my broccoli, I channeled my favorite twins with some sauerkraut and 1 serving of cooked millet covered in 1/2 TBSP coconut oil and cinnamon.

Perhaps, it was my dessert that masked the broccoli stench…


Mmm, plain baked sweet potatoes. I threw them in the oven with the broccoli. What a yummy dinner! It’s days like yesterday that make me think, I could totally be a happy vegan, but then I remember the 2 cups of coffee I had with cream…and the fact that I ate 5 eggs the other day…oh, and then there’s my fascination with bacon and cream cheese. Hehe, oh well, ya never know with me. I like to keep y’all guessing. :)

P.S. Do you ever hide food from your spouse/significant other? CD is totally used to me doing this, and knows all of my good hiding places. He found the macadamia nuts last night. Don’t eat them all CD. 😉