Pine Nuts & Poppy Seeds

by HEAB on February 24, 2010

I went on a walk with the pups this morning and took my camera along. Here is a view of downtown Nashville from near our house…


It was a nice walk, but somedays I really miss yurt life when we had views like this right outside our door…


Do y’all live in a pedestrian friendly area? I love walking the streets of our neighborhood, but I’m more of a trails/woods/mountain kind of girl. :)

I ate some yummy things yesterday. Wanna see?

Lunch was something new…


Barbara has been telling me to try poppy seeds forever. So, I finally bought some, and I can’t wait to experiment with them. I also purchased some pine nuts over the weekend at Costco after reader Carolyn reminded me how delicious they are. Then I happen to read Gena’s latest recipe for slaw with poppyseed dressing using both pine nuts and poppy seeds. I made it immediately, subbing 4 dates for the agave and coconut oil for the olive oil. I then stirred it together with a bag of cabbage slaw and allowed the flavors to marinate in the fridge overnight. The veggie-filled bowl above contained spinach and mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil, steamed Brussels sprouts, and my raw cole slaw topped with raisins and a spoonful of Hemp Hearts. I met up with HEAB reader and new Nashvillian, Catherine, for coffee yesterday morning, and she was kind enough to share her Hemp Hearts with me. Thanks Catherine – I love them!

Then last night after dinner, I had the most amazing plate of sweet potato goodness…


Taking April’s advice, I made Kath’s Low and Slow Sweet Potatoes, but skipped the oil. Toppings were Artisana’s raw coconut butter and cinnamon. This was 2 small sweet potatoes, and after I finished them off, I was kicking myself for not roasting 4. TJ’s sweet potatoes are tee-tiny!

Looking back through this post, I realize how much my readers and other bloggers influence my eats. So, many thanks to everyone out there for your creative recipes and advice. You make my belly so happy.

OK, so please share your favorite poppy seed recipes with me. I think I see some poppy seed pancake roll-ups in my near future. :)