CD's Chocolate Concoction

by HEAB on February 27, 2010

Yesterday, I walked in the door from work to find CD hard at work in the kitchen. He was home for lunch and was making chocolate coconut bars. I love him. :)

He used this chocolate bar…


and melted it in a double boiler…by the way, we don’t have a double boiler, and I missed the one he built. CD, next time take a photo! :) Along with the chocolate, he melted 1/4 cup of our favorite coconut oil


By the time I got home, he had poured it in a glass container…


He stuck it in the fridge to cool and went back to work. When he got back home, we checked on his chocolate creation…


Then we ate some…


OMG, CD, you are brilliant. This tasted like Artisana’s Cacao Bliss in bar form. AMAZING!

Look at what else surprised me yesterday…


A package of teff from Katie. Love you Katie!!!

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P.S. Also, please pray for Chile. I’m not quite sure of the devastation, but it sounds like it could be pretty bad.