New Favorite Pancake

by HEAB on February 28, 2010

Yesterday, CD made more coconut chocolate bars, and I caught a picture of his double boiler.


Nice, huh? For the finished product (and trust me, you want to make these!), click here.

After our chocolate making adventures, CD and I had a surprise engagement party to attend, and Mark, the groom-to-be, was totally surprised. So fun! The bride-to-be was in on the party as she had to get her fiance out of his house. Here is a photo of Chris, me, and Mark. Mark was actually the best man in our wedding, and if it weren’t for him, CD and I probably wouldn’t be together. He is a mutual friend of us both, and I used to attend cookouts at his house so that I could stalk CD. Thanks Mark and many many congrats to you and Erin. We love you both! :)


Now, onto this morning’s breakfast. In celebration of Pancake Sunday, guess what I made…Only some of the best pancakes ever. They don’t look too pretty, but they sure tasted good.


I combined two genius recipes: Polly’s Nutty Cakes with Allie’s Coconutty Pancakes, and a beautiful plate of pancake babies was born. My recipe…


1/3 serving So Delicious plain coconut milk yogurt (57 grams)

1/3 cup rolled oats

1 whole egg + 2 egg whites

1 TBSP coconut flour

1 TBSP flax seed meal

1/8 tsp baking powder

few drops vanilla extract

few drops maple extract


1/2 ounce chopped macadamia nuts

1 TBSP Artisana coconut butter

Directions: Combine yogurt, rolled oats, egg, coconut flour, flax seed meal, baking powder, vanilla and maple extracts, and cinnamon. Allow flax to thicken the mix while you whip the 2 egg whites until white stiff peaks form and then chase your dog around the house in an attempt to retrieve the coconut milk yogurt container. Fold whipped egg whites into pancake batter. Fry pancakes on griddle over low heat and drop chopped macadamia nuts into cakes before flipping. Top with coconut butter, more cinnamon, and macadamia nut dust (I chopped the nuts in my Magic Bullet, hence the dust).

Check out the goodness…


I’ll be honest, this was one of the best batch of pancakes I’ve had in a while. In fact, I think this recipe along with my version of Katie’s Brownie Batter Pancakes are my two favorites. Thanks for the pancake inspiration girls! :)

It’s been a while, and so today, I leave you with CD’s Random Comment of the Day…

Last night on our way to Mark’s, Beck’s Loser came on the radio. I love Beck, and I immediately turned the volume up about 2 notches. Over the next minute or so CD used the volume control on the steering wheel to turn the song down 3 notches without even realizing it. (We have completely different tastes in music). I brought this to Chris’s attention to which he replied…

Okay, let’s just compromise and change the station.

Ugh, CD!!!!! 😉