Salsa Loving

by HEAB on March 3, 2010

Not too long ago, Kristin wrote up a review of Don Sabrosa’s salsas, and she was kind enough to pass my name onto Don himself. Don then sent me a box of his yummy salsas to review on HEAB. Thanks Kristin and Don!


Don sent us all 3 of his flavors in both hot and mild. I’m not a super spicy girl, and so I immediately busted open the mild jars.

First up, I tried his Blueberries Peaches & Honey as well as the Black Bean and Corn flavors over an egg and bacon stir-fry.


Both salsas were delicious. I love the chunks of black beans and corn, and both were the perfect amount of spice. After I was done eating, I had some dessert… which consisted of eating Don’s Blueberries Peaches & Honey flavored salsa straight from the jar. It’s the perfect combo of savory & sweet. Definitely my favorite Don!

I saved the Roasted Garlic flavor for dinner so that both CD and I could have garlic breath.


I ate the salsa over veggies with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. CD ate it over veggies and grass fed burgers. Between the two of us, we ate this much of the jar in one meal…


Ha ha, I’d say we liked it. :)

Yesterday, I ate more of the Blueberries Peaches & Honey salsa over a spinach cream cheese filled omelet, with bacon and leftover roasted Brussels sprouts on the side. Again, this one is my favorite. It does contain sugar, but not a lot.


I love salsa, but I often forget about this versatile condiment. It makes a great topping for salads, veggies, eggs, etc., and I love blending it with a chopped avocado for instant guacamole or stirring it together with a little hummus. Tell me, what is your favorite use for salsa?

Many thanks again to Don Sabrosa Salsa for sending me samples of your delicious all natural and very fresh tasting products. For more information on the company or to order some salsa for yourself, please click here…make sure to order lots of the Blueberries Peaches & Honey!