Toast and Popsicles

by HEAB on March 5, 2010

Last week, I worked on a client who had a cold. Big mistake. If you are ever feeling under the weather, do not go see your massage therapist and act like you’re not really sick. Anyway, I felt the sore throat coming on when I woke up, and it only got worse throughout the day. I kept having to cough, but it hurt to cough. You know the feeling? Not pleasant, and it put me in a funk all day. Since I can’t see clients when I’m not feeling well, I basically laid around the house all day but did manage to get out in the sun for a little while to walk the pups.

Usually, as soon as I get sick, I ask CD to go to the store for sugar free popsicles, Diet Sprite, and an US Weekly. However, since I gave up stevia and all artificial sweeteners for Lent, there was no trip to the store, but hey CD, feel free to pick up that US Weekly for me. Thanks. :)

Many of you often tell me that you love how creative I am with my recipes. I’ll be honest, most of them don’t stem from creativity, but more out of pure desperation. Yesterday, my throat was killing me, and I was beyond desperate for something cold and soothing. So, I made my own popsicles with Vita Coco’s Acai Pomegranate water.


After pouring the box of coconut water in an ice-cube tray, I covered it with saran wrap and then stuck toothpicks into each individual cube. I ended up eating all 16 throughout the day. Vita Coco, you saved me! I just put another batch of Peach & Mango flavored cubes in the freezer. Can’t wait for them to be ready.

Another food I crave when I am sick is bread. I like to tell myself that my body is working hard to heal and needs some carbs. :)

Inspired by Susan’s bacon peanut butter (Susan, you have made men everywhere so happy), I had a bacon and almond butter quesadilla. Oh my, talk about a delicious combo…


In fact, it was so good that I had it again for dinner on some Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast. The other slice received a pat of coconut butter.


Mmm, I love a good plate of toast every so often. Anyway, still feeling the funk today, but at least the sun is shining. I can’t see clients, and I’m going to try and make myself take it easy…not something I’m very good at doing. I hope all of you are healthy, something none of us should ever take for granted!

Happy Friday my friends. :)