The Battle Of The Coconut Butters

by HEAB on March 10, 2010

So happy to have shared our homemade coconut butter method with all of you yesterday. Many of you have asked what the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter is, and I like to explain it with the following analogy: Coconut oil is to coconut butter as almond oil is to almond butter. The coconut butter contains the meat of the coconut as well as some oil. Therefore, it is naturally sweet and oh so good. Make sense?

I decided to test Artisana’s coconut butter against our homemade version after dinner last night. I never use the microwave to heat up coconut butter. I simply place the jar on the stove top while I cook or in front of my space heater to liquify it a bit. Or, you can try Katie’s brilliant method. :)


Last night, I allowed both jars to warm while I stir-fried some veggies for dinner. After we ate, both coconut butters were perfectly spoonable, and I drizzled a bit of each on some slow roasted kabocha squash with cinnamon.


The verdict?

Heather: They taste similar. However, our homemade version is a bit grittier, not as smooth as Artisana’s, but still just as delicious.

CD: I think the Artisana tastes sweeter, and ours is definitely not as smooth. However, I’ll take a $3 jar of gritty coconut butter over a $12 jar of smooth any day.

So, that’s that. We will be making our own coconut butter from now on, but next time I’m going to let it process a bit longer to see if it gets any smoother.

Several readers have already tried making their own with some successes and some failures. I’ve been told it does work in a Vita-Mix, but I think a lot of it may depend on the type of coconut flakes used. Bob’s Red Mill brand does not seem to work. Again, CD and I used unsulphured & unsweetened finely shredded coconut from Whole Foods. Look for it in the bulk bins or in the baking aisle. Also, CD and I didn’t add anything to our batch, but a little coconut oil might help speed up the blending process.

What about you? Have you tried making homemade coconut butter yet? Christie did, and I must say that her coconut butter glazed topped oats looked amazing. :)