Happy St. Patrick's Day

by HEAB on March 17, 2010

You guys know I love green food. :)

Remember my avocado banana wrap?


and my key lime oat bran with coconut milk ice-cream?


Well, this morning, I wanted to create a lovely green breakfast in honor of the holiday. So, I went for a classic: Green Eggs & Ham….HEAB style.

I envisioned this beautiful green frittata. Um, yeah, not quite…


Ha-ha – I can’t help but laugh every time I look at this photo. You gotta give me points for effort, no? So, first up, I fried 1/2 a chopped granny smith apple with 1 slice of bacon. In my Vita-Mix, I blended 2 eggs with 1 handful of spinach (a la Allie), and poured the eggs into my skillet with the bacon and apple. Everything went downhill when I tried to flip my omelet/frittata…whatever it was. After it was done, I managed to get it on plate and added a drizzle of maple syrup. It was like a smoked apple maple bacon egg thingy. Sounds weird. Looks even weirder, but was the perfect combination of savory and sweet in my opinion.

Off to begin my day and find something green to wear. :)