My Restaurant Rules

by HEAB on March 19, 2010

Yesterday, I met my friend Jessica for lunch.


The cold I had knocked me out of commission for a while, and it was so good to have some social interaction again. When I’m sick, I cancel all my clients as I don’t want to risk getting them sick. Also, it’s not much fun to receive a massage if your therapist sounds like she’s choking or drips snot on you…happened once, true story. I told him we could forego the tip. 😉

Anyway, since I haven’t been working, I’ve basically been conversing with my 2 dogs all day long, and as much as I love hanging out with CD when he gets home from work at night, I need to interact with other humans. So many thanks to Jessica for joining me at Provence for some yummy salads.

We both ordered the Golden Beet salad with roasted beets, peppered bacon, and goat cheese with whole grain mustard sorghum molasses dressing (which I MUST recreate at home). The salad comes with a slice of artisan bread. Last time I went, they were handing out their walnut cranberry bread, and I was upset to get some plain jane whole grain slice this time around. However, it will still quite tasty, especially when dipped in the dressing. Below, I have analyzed my salad for your viewing pleasure…


This meal got me thinking about the many rules I have surrounding my food, especially when I go out to eat. Do you have rules? Here are some of mine:

1. Don’t even bother bringing the bread basket, and if said basket does happen to appear on the table, I won’t touch it…EVER. However, for some reason, if you give me bread WITH my meal, I’ll usually eat it…like it’s part of my allowed portion or something. Weird, huh?

2. I am not a spontaneous diner-outer. If you call me at 4 PM and ask me to meet you for sushi at 5, guess what? I won’t be there, partly because I don’t like sushi, but mostly because I probably already have dinner planned out in my head.

3. Please do not ask me if I want to order an appetizer. Unless, we’re dining at some funky vegetarian raw foods restaurant where I’m dying to try everything on the menu, I promise I do not want to split any of the appetizers. No spinach and artichoke dip and definitely not the bruschetta…as that involves bread. One other exception to this rule is when hummus and WHOLE WHEAT pita are on the menu. I will gladly join you in eating some. :)

4. Please do not ask me if I’d like to order 2 dishes and share them as I’ve probably already analyzed the menu online, looked up the nutritional information if available, and have made my decision based on everything else I’ve already eaten that day. My mind is made up, and I don’t want to share.

5. If you could only hear the internal debate my mind is having with my stomach when we go out for Mexican, my FAVORITE. Oh gosh, here come the chips. Heather, just eat one and dip it in salsa. Save the guac for your meal. OK, 7 chips is fine…that’s about a serving…oh no, please don’t ask for MORE guac. Crap, I’ve eaten the whole basket, and now I have to order a boring salad for my meal and NOT EAT any of the fried basket holding said salad.

6. No, I don’t want dessert, but if you want dessert, that is fine. I hope you enjoy it, but please don’t bother asking for extra spoons…really, I don’t want any.

OK, that about sums up my craziness for the day. It’s not that I don’t enjoy going out – I do, it’s just not something I can do very often. Chris and I usually go out to dinner about once a month, and I do love meeting my girls for lunch as we usually go to Heather-friendly type salad places. I’m a control freak, I know, but I need to know what’s going into my food. After losing weight, I know what I can and can’t have, and I know what it takes to keep the weight off. Preparing and enjoying my own meals just makes me happy and keeps me sane.

What about you? What are your rules? Please tell me I’m not the only one.