HEAB Goes Veggieless

by HEAB on March 31, 2010

Ever have those days where you barely get in one vegetable? Um, yeah, I NEVER do. I practically live on vegetables, but yesterday, all I wanted was bread. Usually I fight it, but yesterday, I just went with it. I recently watched Iron Man (Have you seen it? Entertaining.), and in one scene, Robert Downey Jr. is eating New York style pizza. I couldn’t get thin crust pizza out of my head, and so I made some, Mama Pea style.


I cut one pita pocket in half and covered it in tomato paste mixed with Italian seasonings, a few drops of water, and Beaver’s Sweet Hot Mustard. Toppings were Mae’s pizza cheese and some of my apricot glazed baked chicken minus the crunchy topping. P.S. For a vegan version, check out one of Mama Pea’s beautiful creations. I then threw my pizza in a 375° oven until all warm and toasty. This totally hit the spot. I love using doctored up tomato paste as my pizza sauce. Another Mae inspiration.

For dinner, I grilled CD some grass fed finished burgers. Earlier in the day, I had used my leftover apricot chicken for a chicken salad and planned on eating that for dinner. However, the burgers smelled so good, that I decided to eat one. Normally, I would have served it on a huge bed of greens. However, last night, I served it on a huge bed of bread.


One of my most favorite girls in the world was kind enough to send me some Great Harvest High Five and Nine Grain breads since Nashville’s Great Harvest does not make either. So, for my hamburger buns, I had a slice of each, toasted. Condiments of choice were tomato paste (love so much more than ketchup as it’s thicker with a stronger tomato flavor), Beaver’s Sweet Hot Mustard, and 2 dill pickle slices. Katie, do you realize that I had Beaver’s mustard at every single meal yesterday? Aren’t you proud? 😉

Looking back over my eats, my veggie consumption consisted of nothing but tomato paste and pickles. Hopefully, I’ll get back into my veggie groove today. Yesterday was just one of those days. :)