A So Delicious Giveaway

by HEAB on April 1, 2010

Edited to Add: This giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Last week, Turtle Mountain, producers of the So Delicious and Purely Decadent lines sent me some free products to sample.


Due to my soy and dairy intolerances, I am so grateful for this company’s products. Thank you Turtle Mountain for listening to your customers and using coconut milk in your amazing ice-creams, creamers, kefirs, yogurts, and other treats.

CD and I have definitely been enjoying our share of the new coconut milk ice-cream flavors as well as the new coconut water sorbets!

I’ll be honest, I pushed the sorbets to the back of the freezer and dove head first into the ice-creams. Remember my Chocolate Brownie Almond breakfast shake? Yum! That was definitely my favorite flavor out of all the samples we received. What can I say? Brownie and almond chunks make me happy.


Although, I must admit the Cherry Amaretto and Turtle Trails flavors were both quite delicious as well…yes, we ate straight from the carton, but really? Is there any other way?

Cherries galore…Watch out Cherry Garcia!


Turtle trails of caramel and chocolate covered pecans….


I also did a number on the Coconut Fudge Mini’s…this is me concentrating really hard on the yumminess. CD, no comment. Thank you. :)


After we tore through the coconut milk ice-creams, I decided to give the sorbets a try. Now, truth be told, I’m much more of a creamy chocolate kind of girl, and I was never one to order fruity ice-cream flavors. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how light and refreshing the sorbets tasted. We received four flavors: lemon, mango, hibiscus, and raspberry.


I enjoyed every flavor, but the mango. I love eating fresh mangoes, but I don’t really like eating tropical fruit flavored treats. They just always taste a a bit funky. The raspberry was by far my favorite, and I used it in a smoothie yesterday, made with 1 serving of the sorbet, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, and 1 and 1/2 cups unsweetened So Delicious coconut milk beverage. I allowed it to thicken up in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then ate it with a spoon. So pink and fruity. :)


What I really like about the coconut water sorbets is that they contain no added sugar. Nope, no agave or anything, just coconut water and fruit + fruit juices, and the calories per serving range from 100 to 110. Nice.

Now, I know that the So Delicious and Purely Decadent products are not cheap. Honestly, I only buy them on occasion due to the cost, but when I get an ice-cream craving, they are my products of choice. So, today, I would like to spread the coconut love to you with some product coupons while helping Turtle Mountain reach their goal of 3,500 Facebook Fans. Wanna play?????

OK, here are the rules given to me by my favorite ice-cream makers:

In order to win 5 free product VIP coupons for either the So Delicious or Purely Decadent product lines for yourself AND a friend, you must…

1) Become a fan of Turtle Mountain on Facebook. (Both old and new fans are eligible.)

2) Link to this contest on your Facebook page, Twitter account, blog, or all 3.

3) Leave me a comment telling me which the above you have done, along with the link to your blog or Facebook page.

Now, here’s where the friend part comes into play…when you leave a comment on this blog post, also leave the name of the person who told you about the contest, and you’ll both win 5 coupons each.

For example, you can post this to your Facebook page or blog, and ask your friends to do the same when it’s their turn to post:

I just entered to win 5 FREE product coupons from Turtle Mountain, but I need YOUR help. Go to http://alturl.com/rqe2 & comment to win. Be sure to mention that I sent you.

Or you can tweet this:

Let’s win some So Delicious & Purely Decadent #dairyfree! Go to http://alturl.com/rqe2 to enter the #contest, & say I sent you.

Now, if the random winner comment is one of the comments that only says something like “I Tweeted..” – It’s still great news as you will win and then get to choose a friend to receive the other 5 coupons.

Now, here’s the biggest RULE of the game—you MUST be a FaceBook Fan. If you also follow @SO_Delicious on Twitter, they you double your chances of winning. Again, winners will be chosen when Turtle Mountain reaches 3,500 facebook fans.

OK, got all that? I know it’s a lot, but best of luck to all of you – you gotta try this stuff! Keep in mind that the contest is only open to those with U.S. Postal addresses, as coupons are only good for products purchased within the United States.