Welcome New Readers

by HEAB on April 3, 2010

Yesterday, a link to this interview I did a while ago appeared on AOL’s homepage. I had actually forgotten about it, and didn’t realize it was going live until I was informed via email. I also didn’t realize how much traffic the interview would bring to my blog. It was by far the busiest day in all of HEAB’s history, and so I’d like to welcome any new readers. My inbox has been flooded with emails asking me about my weight loss, my diet, and my exercise. So, I thought I’d use today’s post to answer some of your questions. Regular HEABers, sorry if this old news to you. Feel free to come back tomorrow for Pancake Sunday. :)

I lost my weight on a mostly veggie diet, and all I did was walk for the most part. I didn’t start exercising like crazy until after I lost the weight, and it only caused me to over-eat and over-exercise. It was an awful cycle. Now I’m back to a more healthy balance and feeling so much better.

The way of eating that worked for ME (not the plan for everyone) was plenty of fat, some carbs, and some protein. I seem to do okay with complex carbs like oats, millet, whole grain tortillas, etc., but sugar is not my friend…including fruit and other natural sweeteners. I am eating more animal fat these days, but again as long as I concentrate on the fat and not the protein (think whole eggs over egg whites), my weight stays in check. I eat about 1800 to 2000 calories a day, and my fat intake makes up about 50% of my daily calories. This is what works for me, and as far as exercise goes, tons of cardio will get you no where. In fact, all it usually does is increase your appetite. I’m a big advocate of walking and yoga or strength training.

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I send all my cardio junkies who want to cut back to this post over at Mark’s Daily Apple.

Another post that was really eye opening for me was this post over at PaNu on how to lose weight. For all of you who struggle with weight loss and nothing seems to work, I highly suggest reading it.

Many of you have asked what I typically eat in a day. Well, let me show you.

I find that if I start the day off with something sweet, it only sets me up for carb cravings all day. Therefore, breakfast usually centers around eggs, but if I’m really craving oatmeal or something sweet, I’ll eat it.

Typical breakfast: Eggs Benedict, HEAB style. HEAB = Heather Eats Almond Butter. :)


Lunch might look something like this: Roasted vegetables with chopped avocado.


And I always like a little something sweet after lunch and dinner, often involving chocolate. My favorite are Baker’s unsweetened chocolate baking squares. I like it bitter. :)


I don’t usually snack in-between meals, but if I get hungry in the afternoon, I’ll have some dark chocolate or a low-cal smoothie to tide me over until dinner.

Dinner is always veggie based: HEABified Nachos


Dessert: Roasted kabocha squash


So, again, welcome to all my new readers. I’m glad you found me and thanks for reading! I started blogging to help others and share my story, so please never hesitate to email me with your questions.

P.S. I often mention CD, my husband, in many of my posts. CD stands for Chris and our last name begins with a “D”. I provide the food, and CD provides the humor. :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!