Pancakes & Polly

by HEAB on April 4, 2010

Look who I went to church with this morning…


My favorite yoga teacher is in town. Love her so much, and the men in our lives finally got to meet. Look, 3 of my favorite people all one photo…Dan, CD, and Polly. Aren’t they cute? :)


Polly, so good to see you. Hopefully, it won’t be another whole year before we meet up again! After church and visiting for a while, it was time to fire up the griddle for some pancakes. Looking back, I should have made some kind of Easter themed pancakes or thrown a marshmallow Peep on top or something. Do you guys like Peeps? Blech, can’t stand them myself. Two years ago, CD and I were in charge of the Peeps Tower at our annual Easter brunch we attend. Looks like we failed… um yeah, Peeps do not make very good building material.


Anyway, no Easter themed cakes today, but they still looked tasty, no?


Inspired once again by Allie’s low carb pancakes, I beat 1 whole egg with egg whites and sifted in 2 TBSP coconut flour and 1/2 tsp baking powder. I then stirred in 1/4 cup Me & Goji hot cereal and allowed the batter to thicken for a few minutes while I warmed up the griddle. When it was ready, I fried 3 big cakes over low heat, flipping once. The chia seeds in the cereal provided some major fluff, and I loved the added texture of the muesli cereal. Nothing like a thick pancake with a little chew! For toppings, I recommend Trader Joe’s roasted almond flaxseed butter. :)

So Happy Easter and Happy Pancake Sunday! What did you do today and what was your favorite Easter candy as a child? I loved the mini crunchy milk chocolate eggs with the hard candy shell and the Reece’s Eggs. No peeps for me!