CD's Birthday

by HEAB on April 12, 2010

Chris turned 30 yesterday, and it was such a fun day! Once again, we had gorgeous weather, and CD and I spent the afternoon at our second baseball game of the weekend. Andy, CD’s brother, is the play by play sports announcer for the University of South Carolina, and he was here all weekend to call the South Carolina vs. Vandy baseball games. After South Carolina won yesterday, we got to hang out in the press box.


It was only 4 PM when we left the stadium, but since it was so nice outside and we were hungry, we ended up walking a few blocks to one of our favorite restaurants for an early dinner.

When we got to Bricktops, I quickly decided on the steak salad. The smell wafting from our next door neighbor’s grill has had my mouth watering lately for some good beef, and this salad totally hit the spot!


We came home, and I made Chris leave the kitchen while I prepared his birthday cake. On Saturday afternoon, I had whipped up a secret batch of Maple Nut Oaties while Chris was gone. However, I didn’t bake them. Chris loves love loves the Oatie cookie batter and always begs for any leftover dough. So, instead of baking the cookies, I simply flattened the dough into 5 Oatie cakes and stuck them in the freezer.


For the cake, I topped 1 Oatie with mini-scoops of Purely Decadent’s chocolate and vanilla coconut milk ice-creams and some TruWhip. The chocolate coconut milk ice-cream is so good, and I kept eating extra spoonfuls during the assembly process. Hehe. :)


The cake was a hit! Happy Birthday CD! I had a blast celebrating with you. :)

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