34 Going On 5

by HEAB on April 15, 2010

I will never buy pita bread from the grocery store again after buying a bag of freshly baked whole wheat pita from my favorite local Mediterranean restaurant, Kalamata’s. Oh my gosh, it’s 10 x’s better than any brand I’ve ever purchased from the grocery store. Yesterday, I enjoyed a toasted pita filled with roast beef slices and cucumber dressing.


Then today, I had another toasted pita sandwich with melted goat cheese, cucumber dressing, and a chopped Trader Joe’s turkey hot dog. Random, I know – totally felt like a kid again eating my little hot dog bites…just as yummy as I remembered too. :)


Where do you purchase your pita bread? Next time you go to buy some, I highly recommend checking out a local restaurant that bakes it fresh every morning. Honestly, it’s so much better!

Reader Sue emailed me asking me about the changes in my diet and if I ever used rice protein powder anymore. Now nothing against Jay Robb because you all know I love him, and I really do think his protein powders are the best tasting out there. However, I’ve stopped relying on the powders so much. I used to skip out on meat in favor of protein powder oat bran, or instead of eggs, I would drink a protein smoothie or make protein ice-cream, etc. I’m not saying I’ll never use protein powder again, but for now I’m feeling good with eating more meat and eggs. Besides, after giving up stevia for Lent, the thought of sweetened powders just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. In fact, I haven’t had any stevia since Lent ended almost 2 weeks ago, and I’m feeling really good. It’s been very freeing as I no longer crave sweets nearly as much as I used to in the past. So, my sincerest apologies to Jay, but for now I think I’d rather just eat another turkey dog. :)

Two more things to share with you:

1) Chia Seeds Direct is having a sale on white chia seeds through Saturday, April 17th. Use the promo code WCS at checkout to save 10%.

2) Allrecipes.com is sponsoring Just Add A Handful of Almonds Giveaway. Click here for a chance to win $1,000 just by sharing your favorite use of almonds. The contest ends Saturday, April 17th. I just entered my Marinutta Sauce. :)