New Title: I'm Listening. :)

by HEAB on April 24, 2010

I’m a girl and therefore, every so often, I NEED chocolate. Not WANT, but NEED. Many apologies to my male readers, but try as you might, I don’t think you will ever truly understand these cravings. Not every woman has them, but if you’re like me, then nothing will stop you from securing your chocolate drug of choice.

Let’s see, it was Thursday, and the cravings hit. I immediately went to the cabinet to find that my stash of Pamela’s mini chocolate-chip cookies (love those!) had been attacked by The Cookie Monster, aka CD. Dearest hubby, I will be finding a new hiding place for my beloved little cookies. Good luck finding them next time. 😉

Since no cookies were to be had, I searched around in the cabinet for another source of chocolate, and decided to make a batch of fudge using the following two ingredients…(photo taken after digging them out of the recycle bin, hence the ripped box and empty can).


Not too long ago, reader Kim told me to try using canned pumpkin to make brownies, an idea made popular by this recipe. Anyway, there was no canned pumpkin to be found, but I figured some butternut squash would work just as well. Thanks again for the recommendation Kim!

This recipe could not have been simpler. Stir the brownie mix and squash together, pour into greased baking dish, and bake in a 350° oven for 35 minutes. Allow to cool and then refrigerate.


Looks fudgy, no? But, how did it taste you ask? Well, there were 3 of us that tried it. CD took a few bites and wasn’t too impressed. My friend Jessica made a strange face after she tried it, but I for one loved it. Yes, it probably would have worked better with the more neutral tasting pumpkin. However, I love both butternut squash and chocolate, and to me, this was a match made in heaven. Besides, I’m the girl that used to blend cauliflower into her oat bran, remember? There aren’t many veggie combos I don’t like. 😉

First I ate a piece all on its own…


Then I dumped a big serving into what was left of my vanilla coconut milk ice-cream


Guess what I ate for breakfast the next day?


4 small pieces of fudge atop a container of goat milk yogurt. Yum. The chocolate mixed with the tangy yogurt was divine! After a few more nibbles here and there throughout the day and about 24 hours later…


Oops. So, there ya have it folks. HEAB does have her if I don’t get some chocolaty goodness in my system right now, I will go crazy on you moments. I am a normal girl who does go overboard at times. Yes, for the most part, I say no to sugar, and when I do indulge, I try and keep it somewhat healthy. Hey, I least I got in a few servings of veggies with this recipe, right? Anyway, trust me, I’m not perfect, and nor do I ever hope to be. Again, I’m relaxing those rules and enjoying life a lot more. :)

To all the chocolate lovers out there as well as chocolate haters, have a wonderful weekend!