Pancake Hiatus

by HEAB on April 25, 2010

Happy Un-Pancake Sunday. Just wasn’t feeling the flapjacks this morning my friends. Most Sundays I love coming up with a creative pancake recipes to share with all of you, but I’ll be honest. There are some weekends when I’d rather just eat something simple for breakfast. So, in keeping with My Pledge, I went with what I truly wanted, a big bowl of crunchy cereal with a huge ripe banana and almond milk.


Oh my goodness, this could not have tasted more perfect. Mother’s Cinnamon Oat Crunch is my new favorite cereal. Have you ever tried it?


It kind of reminds me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but personally, I think the Mother’s brand is better! Not only do I have Restaurant Rules , but did you know I had rules for cereal as well? Yes, yes, I did. First off, I rarely buy cereal. Whenever I peruse the cereal aisle, the following thought usually runs through my mind: Heather, cereal is nothing but carbs and will never fully satisfy your hunger, etc. However, on my last trip to the grocery store, the following thought occurred instead: Heather, sometimes it’s nice to just eat what you want rather than forcing yourself to eat what you think you should. So, buy the damn cereal if that’s what you really want, okay? Another cereal rule of mine was that the calories per serving had to be less than 200, and the number of sugars had to be lower than both the fiber and protein. Um yeah, not so with this new box…

Picture 3.png

Yes, I could choose to buy puffed rice or plain old corn flakes, but I really wanted to try the Cinnamon Oat Crunch despite the 15 grams of sugar per serving. Well, I am so glad I did as this cereal did not disappoint! It was like like eating a big bowl of crunchy sweet cinnamon pillows, and the banana…oh my, the banana. Now y’all know I love adding nut butters to both hot and cold cereal, but honestly, there is nothing that pairs better with a big bowl of cereal than a ripe naner. Yep, believe it or not, I have banana rules as well. Honestly, I’ve tried to avoid them for years. According to my rules, I should stick to low glycemic fruits since my body doesn’t handle fructose well. Berries are fine, perhaps a Granny Smith apple, etc., but not bananas. I’m sorry, but that’s a stupid rule. Life is too short not to enjoy a freaking banana if I really want one. So, there! Bye-bye Cereal Rules, I’ve moved on. :)

Tell me, what is your favorite cereal these days, and do you scrutinize the nutrition label before throwing the box in your cart? I still want to know what the cereal’s ingredients are and make sure I’m getting some fiber, but I really want to be a bit more relaxed with the other nutrition facts.