Whole Foods Hot Bar Record

by HEAB on April 26, 2010

Oh my gosh, my lunch at Whole Foods today was only $10.21!!! I think that’s the least amount of money I have ever spent at the hot bar. I’m usually waiting at checkout praying my plate will be under $20 and was pleasantly surprised with today’s total. CD, aren’t you proud of me? 😉

I met my oh so lovely friend, Tonya, for a girly gab session over some yummy veggies.


It’s cold in Nashville today – in the 50’s and dreary. Therefore, all I wanted was a big bowl of warm goodness. Let’s see, I piled it on with a ton of roasted veggies, braised cabbage, grilled chicken, collard greens, and some peppered beef.


Yum – so much color. Oh hot bar, how I love you so.

Afterwards, I hit up the cereal aisle and purchased some of your recommendations, but more about that in another post.

I’m client-less this afternoon and am hoping to get in some play time with the pups at the dog park, my workout for the day. :)

Question: What is the most you’ve ever spent at the Whole Foods hot bar? I think my highest total was $18+…lots of steamed broccoli and hummus involved that day. 😉