An Abundance of Cherries

by HEAB on May 3, 2010

Last week, I received some free samples from Cheribundi, including bottles of Tru Cherry, Skinny Cherry, and Whey Cherry.


Thanks Cheribundi! I rarely drink my juice straight up as it’s too much sugar for me, but I’m all for using a little juice here and there for added flavor and extra vitamins. However, I did try a few sips of both the Tru Cherry and the Skinny Cherry juices. The Tru Cherry was my favorite! This stuff is NOT from concentrate, and it requires 50 cherries to fill one bottle. It was tart and refreshing. The Skinny Cherry is sweetened with stevia. It tasted sweeter and is lower in calories. Since I try and stay away from whey protein (allergic), I let my brother try the Whey Cherry after his workout. He said it was tart with a hint of sweet, and the protein component added a bit of creaminess. Delicious!

So, after a few taste tests, it was time to put this cherry juice to some use. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on the blog, but I LOVE low-cal diet Cherry Limeades from Sonic. I do, diet soda aspartame and all. So, when my juice arrived, I knew right away what I would make…

First up, I filled up a glass with Trader Joe’s sparkling lime water and stirred in 2 ounces of Skinny Cherry juice…my first taste of stevia since giving it up for Lent!


I then added the juice of half a lime and some crushed ice. Yum – so refreshing and good. HEABified Cherry Limeade = success!


Then, the other day for breakfast, I decided I wanted some cherry yogurt…

8 Tru Cherry cubes went into the Vita-Mix along with 6 ounces of plain goat milk yogurt


Once my yogurt was well blended, I topped it with a crumbled Cherry Pie Larabar. It was the perfect combo of tart and sweet flavors.


Thanks again Cheribundi! Your juice is great, and I love that the Tru Cherry is nothing but cherries. Keep up the good work and thanks for supplying me with lots of antioxidants this past week. :)

You can click here to see if Cheribundi is available at a store near you.

What about you? Are you a juice drinker? Apple juice was my favorite growing up, but now I just try and stick with whole apples. Love my Honeycrisps and Granny Smiths!