Falafels On My Doorstep

by HEAB on May 5, 2010

A funny story regarding falafels: I once went out to eat with a friend whose diet basically consisted of nothing but hot dogs and hamburgers. Somehow, I talked said friend into dining at a local Middle Eastern restaurant with me. I don’t recall what she ordered, but I do remember that she kept referring to my falafels as gourmet hushpuppies. So now, whenever I eat falafels, I think of her. :)

Anyway, last night’s yoga class was perfect. It was held in a renovated studio behind a historic home on one of my favorite streets in Nashville. There were only 4 of us, and we’ll meet every Tuesday night throughout the month of May. It was so so good to be back on my mat, and it also feels good to be a little sore today…it’s been so long!

After arriving home a little before 7, I was hungry, but not starving. However, I needed to decide on dinner and make it quick as LOST would be on soon. As I pulled up the driveway, I noticed a big box sitting at our front door. Hmm, what could that be?


Barbara informed me that I must try Flamous Brands’ Falafel Chips, and when I checked out the company’s website, I was disappointed to find that although they sell their chips in several locations throughout Tennessee, none were located in Nashville. However, they were kind enough to offer to send me a box of samples. Thanks Falafel Chips people, and many thanks to Barbara for introducing them to me!

The company sent me an entire case of organic falafel chips including both their spicy and original flavors. All of their chips are gluten and dairy free.


I immediately tore into both bags. I am not a spicy lovin girl by any means, but I actually preferred the spicy flavor. The original was good but a bit bland compared to the spicy. I paired a few of each alongside a goat cheese omelet.


Not a very traditional dinner by any means, but it was just what I wanted in the moment. These chips are so good – thin, but hearty if that makes sense. They are crunchy and really do taste like a falafel in chip form. In other words, I now have a new obsession, and I cannot wait to try them dipped in some hummus!

The folks at Falafel Chips were so generous, and I’d love to share some of my bounty with you. For a chance to win a bag of falafel chips for yourself, please leave me a comment below describing your most memorable falafel experience. Mine was at a generic little restaurant in a strip mall. The sign outside simply read Gyro/Kebab, but my meal was far from simple! I’ll never forget those 2 delicious falafels resting on a big bed of tabouleh drizzled with tzatziki sauce. :)