Falafel Recommendations

by HEAB on May 6, 2010

I think yesterday’s post was my most favorite comment reading ever. All your falafel stories were great, and there were several restaurants or stands mentioned more than once:

If you’re ever in Paris, you must go to the famous falafel stand, l’as du falafel, located on Rue des Rosiers in the 4th arrondissement.

If you find yourself in Spain or New York City for that matter, then make sure to get your falafel fix at Mamoun’s. Another great NYC falafel spot is Moaz, and apparently Moaz has several international locations as well. I must go there someday as I’ve never been to falafel stand with a toppings bar. Oh my gosh, I’d be in heaven!

If you find yourself intoxicated at 2 AM while in Cambridge, MA, then there is nothing better than Moody’s Falafel Palace in Central Square.

And last but not least, seek out those little hole-in-the wall falafel restaurants in Holland and Israel. Several of you mentioned enjoying amazing falafels in both countries.

For those of you that had bad falafel experiences, I am so sorry. The ones served at the Whole Foods hot bar seem to be hit or miss. My advice is to get yourself to an authentic Middle Eastern or Mediterranean Restaurant and try again! :)

As much as I loved all your stories, I simply couldn’t pick out the “best” one, and so I went with a random winner for the Falafel Chips

Congrats to Katie from LilVeggiePatch!

Picture 1.png

Katie, please email me with your address and whether you would like original or spicy Falafel Chips. :)

Personally, I am so LOVING these chips and decided to make myself a gyro salad plate yesterday…well, sort of…


Alas, although I was really craving some lamb, there was no gyro meat to be found in my fridge. So, into my bowl of chopped romaine and tomato went a chicken sausage, Trader Joe’s Tzatziki sauce, and a handful of spicy Falafel Chips. This was yummy, but would have been perfect with a little sprinkle of feta.

Anyone gotten their falafel love on yet today?

Oh, and please check out my interview with Jenn over at Girl Heroes if you get a chance. :)