Let Them Eat Cheese & Chocolat

by HEAB on May 7, 2010

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After posting all of your European falafel recommendations yesterday, I started reminiscing about my own travels abroad. I spent my junior year studying in London and travelled throughout Europe. After graduating from Auburn, I got a student work permit and went back to Europe with some friends to work and travel. We spent about a month backpacking around the Continent and then headed up to the UK to find jobs. I ended up doing database entry for Carluccio’s, an Italian restaurant that also sold imported Italian foods in Covent Garden. The work itself was a bit boring, but I will never forget the experience. Just getting up and taking the tube to my job in one of the coolest areas of London seemed so exciting. Eventually, I had to come home and join the “real world”, but my time spent abroad will always hold some of my fondest memories.

Anyway, I woke up with visions of a buttery flaky Pain au Chocolat, or chocolate-filled croissant, cheese, and European style hot cocoa. Have you ever had European style hot cocoa? If not, you must try it – it’s like a bowl of rich chocolate pudding!


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Yeah, definitely was not craving a salad for breakfast…this morning it was all about cheese and carbs. :) Of course, I had no chocolate-filled croissants on hand, but I did my best to listen to my body and satisfy those cravings.

First I popped one of these into our Keurig coffee maker


Normally, my HEABified hot cocoa is my go-to hot chocolate of choice, but I wanted the real deal this morning. I love these little Green Mountain K-cups! All I have to do is pop it in the coffee maker and hit a button for a delicious mug of warm chocolaty goodness. :)

Then I popped two slices of this bread into the toaster oven…


Half way through toasting, I added one slice of goat milk cheese to one piece of bread so that it could melt, and my other piece of toast received a nice heaping spoonful of apple butter.


There ya have it, a lovely European inspired breakfast. What is about cheese toast? So simple yet so good!

If you’ve travelled internationally, were there certain foods you missed and tried to recreate at home?