Heather Does NOT Eat Almond Butter

by HEAB on May 10, 2010

Oh my gosh, CD and I were overwhelmed by all of your comments, tweets, and facebook postings yesterday. Thanks to all of our friends, readers, and to all the folks that delurked to express your excitement and support for our upcoming adventure as parents. Really, even though I have never met many of you in person, I feel like I have this huge group of virtual friends, and you guys mean more to me than you know. :)

Now, before I get into details, please keep in mind that every pregnancy is different, as I’m sure all the moms out there already know, and for all the moms-to-be, please get don’t discouraged by the following paragraphs. Yes, I’ve had a tough time, but many women feel great throughout their entire pregnancy. Me? Yeah, not so much. Although the past three months have held much excitement, they have also been some of the most uncomfortable months of my life. There were complications in the beginning due to ovarian cysts, and the pregnancy hormones only made the cysts worse. I was told no yoga for 6 weeks, and I even had to limit my walking. I could no longer practice massage therapy and had to cancel all my clients. As soon as those issues started to clear up, the morning sickness hit, but I really don’t know why they call it morning sickness as I was sick ALL DAY LONG. I have yet to actually get sick, but most of the time I feel nauseous and don’t have much of an appetite. Keeping up with a food blog was almost impossible, and there were many days I thought about quitting. Now you know why I relaxed so many of my food rules. Honestly, I had no choice as many days, I had to force myself to eat, and most of my beloved foods simply didn’t sound good. I’ve lost about 10 pounds, and my doctor just wants me to eat whatever I can. Thankfully, the mornings and afternoons have gotten much better, but the evenings are still horrible. I try to eat a small dinner between 4 and 5 PM, and then I just lie in bed praying for it to be the next day. However, everyone tells me I should be feeling much better very soon, and I can’t wait! So, what have I been eating?

Well, breakfast usually consists of a big bowl of cereal with a banana, and we’re talking big!


That may not look like much, but it’s probably a 600 to 700 calorie bowl of cereal, and I have no idea what’s in there besides maybe some Whole Food’s 365 brand Peanut Butter Pows as my cereal collection has grown from 2 boxes to 10. :) Since I seem to have a good appetite in the morning and cereal doesn’t make me sick, I fill my bowl to the very brim. I wish I could add some almond butter, but believe it or not, the smell of any nut butter leaves me gagging. :(

My doctor was worried about my fluid intake as well. I used to spend my days with a mug of warm water and lemon in my hand year-round. Now, I can’t drink it, or any hot beverage for that matter (except hot chocolate). It’s so weird as water has been my beverage of choice for years now. However, these days, I’m subsisting on sparkling lime water (has to be ice-cold), root beer, and Cherry Limeades from Sonic, the best fountain drink ever! Everyone keeps telling me to try ginger ale, and trust me, I’ve tried. Blech.


This was me last week before attending my first prenatal yoga class. Sonic, I love your ice!

Lunch and dinner usually consist of goat cheese omelets or a Garden Herb Sunshine Burger with tortilla or falafel chips (my new found love). Throughout the day, I’ve been snacking on a lot of cold fruit – I cannot get enough of it right now, especially when mixed with goat milk yogurt!


Ham and goat cheese omelet with cantaloupe

The only vegetables I can handle right now are cold romaine, tomatoes, kale chips, and white potatoes. No Brussels sprouts or broccoli in my life at the moment as I can’t stand the smell of them cooking. In fact my very patient and wonderful husband has been banned from cooking anything in our kitchen. Sorry CD – luv you. :)

There have been several very un-HEABlike moments these past few weeks as well, including a brief Pop-Tart phase and several Snickers and some bags of peanut M&M’s. Again, I just went with whatever I was craving in the moment. Since I can’t eat a lot at once, I just have my one mini-sized Snickers and go on with my day. Before, one Snickers would have led to 5 or 10 more as moderation with sugar was never a strongpoint for me. That being said, I must admit that although I’ve felt awful, this has been a really freeing time for me surrounding food. For the last 10 years, I’ve rarely allowed myself to eat what I want when I want it, and I only hope that when my appetite returns that I’ll be able to eat certain treats in moderation. Really, life is just too short not to enjoy some peanut M&M’s on occasion, right? 😉

As far as exercise goes, it has been nonexistent for the last 2 months besides my one yoga class. I couldn’t take walks in the beginning due to the cysts, and now I have zero energy to do much of anything. I hope to continue with yoga once a week and start walking at least 2 miles several times a week once I’m feeling better.

So, that about sums up the past 3 months of my life. Thanks again for all your support and love as I could not have continued blogging everyday without it. Honestly, you guys kept me going!

OK, enough about me. Thanks for listening, and I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday!