Welcoming Back Some Veggies

by HEAB on May 12, 2010

Yesterday I met my former coworker and good friend April for lunch at Whole Foods. Love you A!


I got there a little early and surveyed both the hot and cold bars. As usual, so much to choose from, but nothing on the cold salad bar looked appetizing which is too bad considering it’s National Salad Month. As much as I usually love my salads, that’s not what I wanted yesterday. Nope, yesterday, I wanted Chinese food (shout out to Amy, my fellow Chinese food lover!)

Anyway, there was actually some Kung Pao chicken on the hot bar, but it looked kind of dry. So, I loaded up my cardboard container with braised cabbage, collard greens, and roasted veggies. Still can’t do broccoli or Brussels sprouts quite yet, but other vegetables seem to be okay as long I don’t have to smell them cooking. To satisfy my Chinese craving, I grabbed 2 shrimp spring rolls with chili dipping sauce from the sushi case.


Kind of like a salad rolled up in rice paper, no? 😉


Another odd HEAB combo, but very satisfying. I really should eat spring rolls more often. If fact, I should just follow Maggie’s lead, and make my own.

What about you? Have you been celebrating National Salad Month with a salad a day? For some wonderful salad ideas, please check Gena’s How to Build A Meal Sized Salad Post. I’ve got that one bookmarked, and I hope to start celebrating soon. :)

Happy Wednesday!