Rice Paper Success

by HEAB on May 15, 2010

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After my yummy spring roll experience at Whole Foods last week, I seem to crave them all the time now. Yesterday, I stopped by Pei Wei and picked up two orders of their Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls to share with my mom for lunch.


After stuffing my face, I decided right then and there that I must replicate these at home as a daily trip to Pei Wei is not in my budget!


I’d been eyeing Maggie’s spring rolls for a while, and then last week, Katie sent me her beloved recipe. Although the recipe seemed a bit complicated, Katie promised me it wasn’t, and I decided it would make a fun weekend project. So, this morning I stopped by Whole Foods for some rice paper (I found it in the Asian condiment section next to the seaweed and soba noodles).

When I got back home, I julienned half a zucchini, and placed the zucchini strips in a large Ziplock bag with a handful of shredded carrots, red bell pepper strips, 1 chopped green onion, and 1 thinly sliced cooked chicken breast. I then added Katie’s special marinade, but you’ll have to contact her for the ingredients as I don’t feel like it’s mine to share. I coated the veggie/chicken mix with the marinade and stuck it in the fridge while I showered and folded a load of laundry.

OK, so you must email Katie for this recipe as the veggies and chicken tasted so good that I thought I might eat the entire bowl before getting any of it into my rice paper wraps. :)


I followed Katie’s instructions and soaked each sheet of rice paper in hot water for 30 seconds before loading them up with the veggies, chicken, fresh cilantro, fresh mint, and a few chopped peanuts. Instead of making my own sauce, I purchased some of this sauce for dipping as I still can’t handle making anything with peanut butter quite yet. Don’t ask me why I can eat peanut sauce as well as peanuts, but not peanut butter. I know, weird.


I need to work on my wrapping technique as my rolls kept falling apart on me while eating them, but besides that, these were so good. I never would have thought to combine cilantro and mint, but it’s an amazing combo. Try it!


I’m so excited that I can now satisfy my spring roll craving at home, and I can’t get over how easy these were to make!

What about you? Ever experimented with rice paper? It’s so easy to use – just soak and go. Since I have a lot of rice paper sheets leftover, I would love to know your favorite use for them.