East Meets Southwest

by HEAB on May 16, 2010

Since yesterday’s spring roll lunch went so well, I decided to experiment a bit more with my rice paper wrappers for breakfast this morning. Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but I’m still not feeling the pancakes. I promise they’ll be back someday!

Here is the brand of rice paper I bought. I wish I could direct you to the company’s website, but there wasn’t one listed anywhere on the packaging. Again, I found it at Whole Foods near the Asian condiments and seaweed.


This is what the rice paper looks like before soaking…


Here was the assembly line for this morning’s experiment: 1 ounce daiya cheddar cheese, 1 sliced chicken breast, and 1 whole egg scrambled with 2 egg whites.


I soaked each sheet of rice paper in hot water for about 10-12 seconds. Yesterday, I soaked them for 30 seconds which seemed to work better as I had a harder time wrapping this morning. I then placed the filled wraps in a greased glass dish and baked them in a 400° oven for about 15 minutes. I was hoping to flip them and brown the other side, but one roll had ripped during the wrapping process. So, after deciding they had baked long enough, I removed my breakfast spring rolls from the oven and ate them alongside some salsa for dipping and some fresh cantaloupe.


The rice paper got all crispy and the daiya cheese was melted to perfection – kind of like a Tex-Mex egg roll? This was one of those meals I wish I could have shared with all of you as it was so tasty!

Once again, it’s pouring rain in Nashville, and I’m currently sipping on a mug of hot chocolate. Definitely another curl up in bed with a good book kind of day. Happy Sunday to you all!