Early Morning Cravings

by HEAB on May 21, 2010

Early yesterday morning, as CD and I wandered around the kitchen, he looked at me and said, I want coffee. I looked at him and said, I want potatoes. McDonald’s hash browns smothered in ketchup is what I really wanted, and although I’ve given into many of my cravings lately, I draw the line at 6:30 AM runs to MickeyD’s.

Picture 1.png

Instead, I cut up some baby red potatoes, seasoned them with The Flying Biscuit Cafe’s Moondust seasoning mix (recipe found in the restaurant’s cookbook), and stuck the potatoes in a 450° oven to roast for about 30 minutes. I then realized we were all out of hot cocoa, and for that one, I was willing to leave the house before 7. So, I told Chris to listen for the oven timer, and I left for the grocery store with a mission. Upon my return, I enjoyed a nice big plate of home fries with ketchup alongside a goat cheese and ham omelet.


Much better than McDonald’s, no?

CD always laughs because whenever I go to the store for one item, I always return with several shopping bags full of food, and yesterday was no exception. Yes, I came home with plenty of hot cocoa, but I also bought a couple of pints of So Delicious Coconut Milk ice-cream (the Cookies ‘n Cream and German Chocolate flavors) as well as some frozen waffles. Completely random, but I’ve been craving waffles lately. Pancakes do not sound good at all, but I’ve had waffles on the brain for weeks now. Unfortunately, I don’t own a waffle iron. So, I went with the whole grain Eggo’s.

OK, so frozen waffles are much better than I remember. Loved my breakfast this morning!


Two toasted waffles topped with Trader Joe’s plain goat milk yogurt, 1 chopped pear, a drizzle of maple syrup, and lots ‘o cinnamon.

Are you a frozen waffle fan, and if so, what is your favorite brand/flavor? I have a feeling I might be buying these more often. :)