Nashville's Current Best Veggie Burger

by HEAB on May 22, 2010

You all know I love a good veggie burger. Houston’s makes my favorite, but sadly enough, the restaurant left Nashville several years ago. :( However, coming in as my 2nd favorite restaurant veggie burger is J. Alexanders, and Alice (CD’s mom) was so kind as to treat us to lunch there yesterday. Thanks Alice!

I ordered the veggie burger (minus the cheese and mayo) with a side of salsa, and instead of fries, I subbed the vegetable of the day, fire-roasted artichokes. Prepare to drool…


Close up of the veggie goodness…


Oh my goodness – can you believe that is all veggie? If only I could recreate this burger at home, I would eat it everyday! I’m thinking it’s some kind of brown rice/black bean concoction, but I have no idea what else is in there. CD, guess you’ll just have to take me to J’s more often so that I can figure out the recipe. 😉

Alice ordered the burger as well, but only ate half. So, we brought the rest home, and I ate it atop a salad today for lunch. My bowl consisted of baby romaine, Annie’s honey mustard vinaigrette, spicy Falafel Chips, and the leftover burger, which tasted wonderful all crumbled up on the salad.


That salad was just what I needed after a morning of cleaning. These past few months, I’ve just let the house go because honestly, I’ve had zero energy. All I really kept up with was the laundry and keeping the kitchen clean. However, with 2 hairy dogs, I’ve got to stay on top of sweeping, vacuuming, etc. I’m starting to feel like my old self again and spent the morning ridding the house of dog hair and doing laundry. Feels good to be moving once again as for a while, there were many days when I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed. The late nights are still a bit rough, but the days are so much better. Thanks again to everyone for all your support, advice, and encouragement and many thanks to Alice for a wonderful visit and for all your help with the house! The pups miss you already. :)

Now, to all of you who live near a J. Alexanders, go enjoy yourself a veggie burger, and to those of you that don’t, I have two words: ROAD TRIP! 😉