Today's List

by HEAB on May 25, 2010

I have several things spinning around in my head right now, and the type-A girl in me would like to rattle them off to you in list form. Sound good?

1) 3:30 AM seems to be the magical number for me. I wake up every single morning at that time to use the bathroom. Sometimes I fall back asleep, sometimes not. This morning? Not so much…it’s going to be a long day.

2) Turns out our DVR did not record LOST. Ahhhhh! But that’s okay as I can watch it online which I hope to do sometime later today.

3) Yesterday, I met my friend Cherie for lunch at Mediterranean Cuisine, where I consumed way too much lamb and hummus.

So proud of you Cherie for completing your Olympic distance triathlon Sunday!!! :)
Why is lamb so good? Same goes for hummus…why? why? why?

4) After lunch, I stopped by Greenlight, a new market/deli in Nashville specializing in local food, for some fresh picked strawberries. I couldn’t help but eat a few on the way home. So good, but have you ever seen such a bizarre shaped berry?


Crazy, no?

5) I still can’t eat much for dinner and last night kept things simple with a bowl of apple pie a la mode, HEAB style.


Goat milk yogurt, Trader Joe’s chunky spiced apples (Oh my gosh, have you tried this stuff? Delicious!), and a handful of cinnamon Puffins.

6) I’m no longer losing weight which is a good thing, but honestly, the weight gain involved with pregnancy still frightens me a bit. I know the weight will come – I just don’t want to gain too much too fast, and I think I need to throw out my scale.

7) I’ve decided I like the Van’s gluten free apple cinnamon waffles. Following Amy @ Please Don’t Eat Me’s advice I thawed 2 of the waffles overnight in the fridge, and then cooked them in a 350° oven until warm and crispy (about 4 minutes?). Amy, you were right, there was no more weird cake-like texture, and I really enjoyed my Van’s topped with a little maple syrup and eaten alongside a goat milk brie omelet.


My favorite breakfast these days. :)

Question: What’s on your list for today?